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Big deal.


Yup. It was a huge deal back when it was first announced twenty years ago. But to you it’s just ho-hum. Sadly, that’s the way some new scientific discoveries go. They sometimes fail to resonate with the things you care about the most.

Remember when they brought back some moon rocks? They’re now locked up in a vault at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Does that make you feel better about rocketing food costs? How about when they claimed to find a new chamber in one of the pyramids? Feel more comfort with your decision to downgrade to smaller home that you can better afford? What about the time when they announced that astronomers found seven exoplanets comparable in size to Earth and are “just” 40 light years away? How far did that take you to feeling more secure in your neighborhood or less concerned about healthcare?

Of course, if none of that floats your boat then the one that proved you really do have a second brain should have. If it didn’t it’s not your fault. The hidden powers of this extra little brain and how they impact your future should have been explained. There’s just one problem: Scientists can’t go there. For them, if it doesn’t show up under an MRI, it doesn’t exist. That’s why you need to attend my new free masterclass.

I’m David Parsons. I’ve been helping people like you optimize their dual-brain system most of my adult life.This was being done even though no one was yet aware of the fact that what we we’re dealing with was an actual brain! Once that was revealed by a scientist in 1996 all the pieces fell into place.






It then made more sense when people like Colin told me: “The workshop has helped me accomplish things I thought I could never do.” And then there was Monique who reported: “I feel capable of handling the day-today stress which has resulted in a better interaction with others.” Not long after Madleine claimed: “The workshop has given me much more self-confidence and I feel better about myself.”This is what happens when real people connect with something they never knew they had.

Expedited by science—made electrifying by you. You in?

Here is some of what I’ll reveal in this FREE Masterclass:

  • Why your gut brain is your key to succeeding through any difficulty (forget about positive thinking it’s useless compared to this)
  • The one thing that this extra brain does extremely well that the head brain can never ever do.
  • The three-word statement that describes a methodology that zeros in on how the gut & head brains working together can shoot your self-belief into the stratosphere (Like to kill off some insecurities by next week? This is the trick you need to know now.)
  • AND A WHOLE LOT MORE (Open Q&A To Follow)

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